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Rectifier Diode Hottech 1N4007W-A7

VR=1000V IF=1A 15pF Trr=2.5us..

Bridge Rectifier Hottech MB10F

Vr=1000V IF=800mA VF=1V@800mA..

Bridge Rectifier Hottech ABS210

VR=1000V IF=2A 25pF..

Fast Recovery Diodes Hottech RS1D

VR=200V IF=1A 15pF Trr=500ns..

Fast Recovery Diodes Hottech RS1MF

VR=1000V IF=1A 15pF Trr=500ns..

General Purpose Diodes Hottech 1N4007L

VR=1000V IF=1A 9pF..

General Purpose Diodes Hottech M4

VR=400V IF=1A 15pF..

General Purpose Diodes Hottech M7F

VR=1000V IF=1A 15pF..

General Purpose Diodes Hottech S1MF

VR=1000V IF=1A 15pF..

Schottky Diode Hottech B0540W-MBF

VR=40V IF=500mA 170pF P=500mW..

Schottky Diode Hottech RB520S-30-B

VR=30V IF=200mA..

Schottky Diode Hottech RB551V-30V-D

VR=30V IF=500mA..

Schottky Diode Hottech RB751V-40-5

VR=40V IF=30mA 2pF P=200mW..

Schottky Diode Hottech SK14L

VR=400V IF=1A 110pF..

Schottky Diode Hottech SK34

VR=40V IF=3A..
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