Cost-effective alternative solutions of electronic components

DUNFA not only provides customers with obsolete & common-used parts,but also offers innovative alternative solutions (cross-reference) and services for OEM,to meet their business goals and objectives, today and in the future.

We dedicate to working in partnership with its clients to deliver the optimum, cost-effective, alternative solutions and services the client needs, taking into account the future business requirements, goals and objectives.

Whether you are looking to locate stock of difficult to find components or simply attempting to reduce your components costs,our highly trained engineers will assist your procurement personnel offering engineering and alternative source solutions, thus avoiding costly supply chain interruptions due to long lead time, allocation or obsolescence issues,which can significant reductions in both administration costs and component stock holding whilst allowing the customer to focus on their core manufacturing skills. At the same time,we can also Find form-fit-function cross references, avoiding redesigns and providing multi-sourcing options that proactively help with engineers’ design decisions.

Both Original Equipment manufacturers and Contract Electronics manufacturers can save valuable resources by outsourcing their electronic component purchasing requirements to a third party component company such as DUNFA . In the meantime,DUNFA is able to help reduce unwanted excess inventory of components and parts that are no longer necessary for production.  We are happy to help alleviate an excess to avoid disruptions in the supply chain.


Why we provide alternative solutions ( cross-reference )of electronic components

The scarcity & obsolete of electronic components, long delivery times and high procurement costs are the three major issues affecting electronic equipment suppliers and manufacturers in the electrical and electronic industries.


For OEMs and contract electronics manufacturers, a suitable alternative can

1.Avoid excessive delivery time, optimize the supply chain to maintain smooth production

2. Resolve the anxiety and annoyance of finding obsolete and end-of-life products

3. Reduce procurement costs

4. Mitigate RiskEasily identify components at risk and gain an in-depth look into electronic component counterfeit risk, lifecycle statuses, inventory risk by DUNFA part risk analysis.


For electronic engineers and designers, a suitable alternative can

1. Optional components are provided when designing the circuit

2.By allowing the use of alternative components and assemblies, it will also reduce the probability of component obsolescence.

3. Avoid the expensive cost of redesign


Alternative solution process:

1. Submit the BOM

2. Online consultation

3. E-mail consultation


Our Advantage

Quality control systemISO9001:2008 , AS9120 Certified

Environmental compliance:ISO14001 Certified

EOL/fake alerts The member of ERIA

PCN/EOL/counterfeit alerts: leveraging ERAI intelligence information

Cross references: 100,000 direct/similar replacement components.